Have a glance at some of my previous work, both hired and made for my own professional use.

As Yet Unnamed – Immersive Road Cycling Racing Game

My latest project with no name, but huge ambitions. I want to bring the world’s first road cycling racing simulator to the market. The game will aim to work both with and without a smart trainer, allowing players to be part of their own racing calendar and to test themselves out against the world’s best, all with or without breaking a sweat (if they don’t want to). The game is both a tactical and a physically testing game, with the main game loop being gaining fitness, and growing your own virtual team. Expected release is late 2023 / early 2024.

Technical stack used: Unity Game Engine, C#, Unity UI, Gaia

One Map Viewer

The One Map Viewer is a fully React JS based professional web mapping system which enables members of the public as well as site planners to easily manage and view maps.

Using the OpenLayers JS library, web based mapping has never been more customisable and user friendly.

Designed with a huge emphasis on premium quality UX, the interface was made to be usable by anyone.

With very simple tools, but with very sophisticated engineering, users can draw, edit, print, measure and view detailed maps with sometimes hundreds of layers of information all in one place.

The One Map Viewer is currently used by OpusMap in a commercial capacity.

Technical stack used: TypeScript, NodeJS, Webpack, SASS.


Elevate Events App

for Elevate Corporate Team Events

I was tasked to create an app that would be used for corporate team building events. The app would need to be able to share videos and images between teams of players to be reviewed after the event was over.

It required a responsive, fast back end application to work with the mobile client as well as a web client for the organisers to use on their laptops after the event was over.

Both the web client and the mobile app needed secure login and management tools in order to manage events and the media uploaded by clients during events.

The app was built using React Native, a mobile development framework. The biggest challenge was creating a stable asynchronous internal uploader to not only upload images and videos but compress the data before sending it to the server.

The Wheelchair Project

for Team Benefit

The Wheelchair Project

After a successful launch of Elevate Events App, I was tasked with another exciting challenge: to create an interactive and informative app for Team Benefit’s ‘Wheelchair Project’.

The Wheelchair Project brings wheelchairs to those who need them and this app needed to inform event participants about this need as well as how they can help to bring a donation for a wheelchair.

The app contained an English translation as well as a German one as well as quizzes for all ten ‘teams’ inside, with each team being based on the background of a person who has personally been given a wheelchair. This app was built using the Adobe Air SDK.


DSGHQ Forums

The ‘DamenSpike Games’ forums are a fully database driven community website written in PHP. It makes use of a socket server back end, which runs in NodeJS, to support some of its features.

Written with simplicity in mind, these forums deliver a tremendous range of features including discussion threads, private messaging system, support ticket system, public polls, mood updates, image sharing, video sharing, a fully independent Wiki, mini games and much more.

Designed for a young person’s gaming community, it had to have safety written into it. Making use of a feature rich moderation system, moderators have layers of protection at their disposal in order to keep the entire website safe from inappropriate content.

Members can personalise their own profiles, share thoughts, images, videos to interact over the platform.



By far my most beloved project, this multiplayer virtual world brings adventure, exploration and survival to a whole new level. Caves, mountains, islands, oceans, animals, airplanes, rockets, clothing, swords and armor and literally space itself is all explorable and attainable in Penguin3D.

Built to be fully multiplayer, all client-server interactions are synced over a centralised game server based on the UDP protocol. The client was written from scratch in C# (using the Unity Engine) and the game server was also written from line 0 in nodeJS. The first release of the game was produced after just one week, as it was part of a game developer challenge. It has since been updated many times over to include new features.

After attracting over 3 million views from YouTube, the game has grown into an awesome community which holds over 30,000 players. Penguin3D can be downloaded and installed on Windows and Mac OS and is fully code-signed with a valid Apple Developer Certificate.


This was a fun one back in 2014. Using Adobe Air and my old iPhone 3GS whilst still in High School, I made my first mobile game. Snails falling from the sky with a jetpack and a parachute, dodging floating rocks and collecting coins?

Make sure you collect enough coins as well as deploy the parachute before you hit the ground? Sounds fun.



LeoRPG is a fan-made multiplayer and single player LEGO inspired role playing game as well as a shooter. The game contains both an action packed campaign as well as several single player and multiplayer game modes including Team Deathmatch, Co-Op Zombies, “Cursed Survival” and more.

The game also contains ground vehicles, armed airplanes, tanks and helicopters. Players could customise their LEGO mini figure as well as level up and buy new equipment and weapons.

The game itself came in two releases, LeoRPG “Multiplayer” and LeoRPG 2: Globalist Revolution. Both were made in Unity and the multiplayer client/server was written in C# and NodeJS.